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Impartation Materials

Our Products

If you are looking for a gift that will bless someone and support our ministry, come see us. (View our schedule). Your purchases help keep us on the road reaching people.

Wherever we travel, we offer books, CDs, DVDs, witnessing tools and various other things.


We pray over our products before we put them out on our table. That means that they are considered impartation materials-- Give them to someone in need of healing or miracle, as a Point of Contact.

Call ahead of time, please.

Because we are traveling ministers, our stock can run low or be depleted. If you are looking for something specific, please call. We want you to be assured that you will receive what you are looking for, or give you an alternate suggestion. 


Also, calling ahead can help us know what to replenish of our stock, so that we are able to assure that we have what your need.


Moreover, you can send us your prayer request, so we can pray specifically for the need of the person(s) needing the impartation material.

Prayer cloths are available, at your request, too.

What you may find on our back table:

You may purchase some things as package deals, or individually. 

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